Digital Engineering

  • for Thermal, Process and Energy Systems

Simulation. Complex Dynamic Systems.

We simulate thermal systems and energy systems with physically based models. Thereby, we can investigate different concepts in early stages of development or comprehend and improve existing systems with all its interactions.

Control. From Concept to Implementation.

For reliable and efficient operation of thermal systems a multiplicity of feedback control problems must be considered. We support you in the development and implementation of the best control concept for your system. We take appropriate measures to meet your specific requirements: from classic PID controllers to model-based methods.

Optimization. Maximum Efficiency, Minimal Costs.

Almost every engineering task can be described as a mathematical optimization problem. We support you in describing and solving the optimization problem. In combination with your knowledge and experience, you gain valuable tools to improve your systems to the best costs and conditions.

— Services —

Our Services

We offer engineering services for thermal systems and energy systems. We support you with our knowledge and experience in system simulation, thermodynamics, control theory and mathematical optimization to solve demanding tasks and improve the efficiency of your processes and systems.

Engineering Questions

  • Dimensioning of Individual Components
  • Design of Control Concepts
  • Comparative Evaluation of System Topologies
  • Development of Specific Simulation Models

Tools and Methods

  • Dynamic Simulation of Complex Systems (Modelica)
  • Web-based Systems Simulation (Thermal Demand Analysis )
  • Sophisticated Model Libraries (TIL Suite)
  • Powerful Optimization Algorithms (MUSCOD)

Example Projects

  • Dimensioning and Operational Planning of CHP Plant and Heat Storage
  • Model-Based Control of a Heating Thermostat
  • Development of a Heat Pump AC-System for Electric Vehicles
Research Project LatHe.GO

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— Software Products —

Our Software

We offer our customers the following software products. We will be glad to advise you on all options and to develop an individual software solution for you.

Additional software products can be found on the website of our partner company TLK-Thermo GmbH . We will be happy to advise you on this as well.

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Our Clients

Our staff members have extensive experience from collaborations with industrial clients. This includes many small and medium-sized enterprises as well as renowned companies from the automotive and energy industry.

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For a better understanding of the Corona pandemic we have developed
There are two factors that have a particularly strong influence on its course:
1. exponential spread of the virus.
2. the time taken to identify sick persons.
You can simulate a hypothetical epidemic progression and interactively adjust the phyiscal distance of the society to contain it. A certain level of infections should not be exceeded to avoid an overload of the health care system.

TIL Library

A new version of our thermodynamics modeling library TIL is available. The TIL Suite enables the transient simulation of thermodynamic systems. So what's new? In version 3.8.0 you can initialize complex systems in steady-state conditions by using the Modelica Homotopy function. To explain how this function works, we look at a simple valve. We initialize the valve with a simplified solution (linear function) for the pressure drop. The homotopy function is a linear combination of the simplified and the complex solution. As you can see in the animation, the simplified solution merges into the more complex solution by sweeping lambda from zero to one. Want to learn more or test TIL ? Just contact us.

Process Library


Speed it up! Our Process Systems Library for Modelica can handle multi-species multi-phase fluids and you can speed up calculations by efficient parallelization. The property calculation is conducted with Multiflash of KBC and the resulting system of differential equations is solved by state-of-the-art variable step size solvers. The CPU time decreases significantly by the number of cores you use. Now complex processes can be simulated in a reasonable time. Would you like to know if the Process Systems Library is suitable for your application? Please do not hesitate to contact us:

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Open Positions

No matter if student, fresh from university or already several years of professional experience. For our team we are looking for people in the following positions:

Please contact us.
We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Do you have any questions about our products or services? Do you want to learn more about how TLK Energy can support your project? We are happy to answer your questions at any time. Feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail.


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