Digital Engineering

  • for Thermal, Process and Energy Systems

Simulation. Complex Dynamic Systems.

We simulate thermal systems and energy systems with physically based models. Thereby, we can investigate different concepts in early stages of development or comprehend and improve existing systems with all its interactions.

Control. From Concept to Implementation.

For reliable and efficient operation of thermal systems a multiplicity of feedback control problems must be considered. We support you in the development and implementation of the best control concept for your system. We take appropriate measures to meet your specific requirements: from classic PID controllers to model-based methods.

Optimization. Maximum Efficiency, Minimal Costs.

Almost every engineering task can be described as a mathematical optimization problem. We support you in describing and solving the optimization problem. In combination with your knowledge and experience, you gain valuable tools to improve your systems to the best costs and conditions.

— Services —

Our Services

We offer engineering services for thermal systems and energy systems. We support you with our knowledge and experience in system simulation, thermodynamics, control theory and mathematical optimization to solve demanding tasks and improve the efficiency of your processes and systems.

Engineering Questions

  • Dimensioning of Individual Components
  • Design of Control Concepts
  • Comparative Evaluation of System Topologies
  • Development of Specific Simulation Models

Tools and Methods

  • Dynamic Simulation of Complex Systems (Modelica)
  • Web-based Systems Simulation (Thermal Demand Analysis )
  • Sophisticated Model Libraries (TIL Suite)
  • Powerful Optimization Algorithms (MUSCOD)

Example Projects

  • Dimensioning and Operational Planning of CHP Plant and Heat Storage
  • Model-Based Control of a Heating Thermostat
  • Development of a Heat Pump AC-System for Electric Vehicles
Research Project LatHe.GO

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— Software Products —

Our Software

We offer our customers the following software products. We will be glad to advise you on all options and to develop an individual software solution for you.

Additional software products can be found on the website of our partner company TLK-Thermo GmbH . We will be happy to advise you on this as well.

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Our Clients

Our staff members have extensive experience from collaborations with industrial clients. This includes many small and medium-sized enterprises as well as renowned companies from the automotive and energy industry.

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Volkswagen AG

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log-p-h diagram

For refrigeration systems, the log-p-h diagram is probably the most widely used graphical visualization. We use it every day in simulation projects to grasp the state of a system at one sight. The COP of different refrigerants related to a refrigeration machine and a heat pump is calculated automatically. You can use it for free.



We regularly offer online trainings for Modelica and the Thermal Systems Library TIL. The training is intended for beginners as well as for people with simulation experience. You can also book individual training sessions as well as modeling support. Feel free to contact us to find a suitable time together.



Changes in the state of humid air are best viewed in the Mollier hx-diagram. Whether it's sensible temperature changes, humidification, mixing air streams or wet cooling, with our free interactive web app you can visualize it and calculate required cooling or heating capacity.

hydrogen filling station

hydrogen filling station

Tomorrow, people want to fill up their cars with hydrogen. Is your filling station ready? We help you to design and optimize your facilities! No matter if liquid (LH2) or gaseous (CGH2) storage, cascading buffer tanks, direct compression and different gas tank systems (Type III, IV): We simulate it and enable you to make the right decision!


CEO STATEMENT: Manuel Gräber

Moritz, originally from Grevenbroich, studies energy engineering with the main focus on renewable energies at the RWTH Aachen University. We are happy that he is writing his master's thesis on "Optimal dynamic operation of a power-to-gas process" with us and is thus helping to push forward the energy transition. Every contribution counts!

Building Simulation

Building Siulation with TDA

In her master thesis, Konstantina Xanthopoulou investigated the building simulation library AixLib (E.ON ERC, RWTH) and our forked model library TDA. We were particularly interested in how extensively a building needs to be modeled to provide meaningful results. Konstantina compared simulation results from models with different levels of detail to measured data, standard test cases and other simulation programs. Contact us for further information!

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Open Positions

No matter if student, fresh from university or already several years of professional experience. For our team we are looking for people in the following positions:

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